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Dear Breeder community,


We would linke to use this oportunity to thank you all for you continued trust that you have shown us!! In the current, not always easy times it cannot be taken for granted that a small, private station, such as we are being encouraged in so many ways.

We would like to show our appreciation with a new, breeder oriented service in form of some photo and marketing appointsments. If needed and with an appointment we are able to take photographs of the foals and if wanted also help with the marketing for the sale. This will take place in our station and will be absolutely free of charge. Please feel free to contact us as soon as the first foals are born.

Again, we are able to look back to a very succesful breeding year. Even though it was not possible for us to secure a stallion candidate that was introduced in one of the main stallion licensing, we are still doing everything possible and keep searching. With the timely, continued support of a valued long term customer form Lichtenstein, it is now possible for us, just in time for the new breeding season to introduce the first of our precious newcomers.


Secret – one of the few licensed Sons of the triple-worldchampion Sezuan.


Our second newcomer this year, is just as interesting:


Don K – a son of Don Nobless from the breeding station Herbert Kruse.


We are able to offer this young stallion for frish seed delivery this season 2017 due to the contiuned trust and demand by Mr. Kruse.

Not only newcomers are causing excitement in our stallion stall … our proven „black pearls“ are being recognised by causing positive headlines. The second year of Finest & Premieryear of Bon Coeur could not have turned out better! Countless winning foals as well as peaks of auctionsprices in the different regions were the excellent result. Six descendants from each stallion were qualified for the Deutsche Fohlenchampionat in Lienen.

That is not all, our boys were very successfull in sportly matters as well, last season. Finest was able to be the winner in his qualification for the Bundeschampionat and Bon Coeur became Hannoveraner Champion and got the vicetitel in Warendorf. We are very happy to be able to announce that Fantastic is readily available for the breeders. Our faith in this stallion was rewarded with the qualification for the Bundeschampionat of the 6 years dressagehorses. That means for Fantastic a lifelong breeding admission. 

Due to the stalls own success garantees and the modern bloodstreams are we able to present to you interesting and varied stallion collection with the different blood combinations, something for every breeder...


To a successful breeding season 2017!!! 




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