Gestüt W.M.





Han., dark brown, 2013, height 173 cm,


Breeder: Ignaz Claus, Dwergte



Cover fee: 800€

TG- semen: 400€ portion



Approved for Hanover, Oldenburg, Westphalia, Rheinland

and all Southern German breeding societies.






Shining premier stallion of the Verdener licensing 2015!


Highly noble in type standing, presents himself with the finest interior and extremely powerful son of the Trakehner exceptional stallion Millennium. With this chaming sunnyboy, light footedness meets, elegant quality of movement and convincing rideability scores. It causes to think of a new star at dressage heaven. A gentleman in his gorgeous, chocolate brown colour, who convinces every day by his smooth basic moves and the uncomplicated but still engaging working morale. We were impressed by the qualities of this youngester from the first moment. So was Martinez able after a short time under the saddle, to pass his 14-day-test with flying colours and his first and only tournament start was crowned with success. An almost perfect young stallion of extra class with the best perspective for the future that is just enjoyable every single day.



These inbreed talents are not coming from anywhere: his Father Millennium was a Reservewinner of the Trakehner licensing 2010 in Neumünster himself. By his test he was able to attract attention, he got the highest note in Neutstadt/Dosse 8,66, the highest dressage final note of all the 37 participants there. In the sports way, Millennium is on his way to become one of the big ones out there. He was able in young years to win several Ridehorse and dressage horse tournaments. He was Vize-Champion at the Trakehener Bundestournament and is under Kristina Brörig-Sprehe successfully in the heavy class. To speak of the excellent pedigree of Millennium not many words are necessary, with his impressive start as stallion father 2014 he was able to put a stamp on several winner and premium stallions. In almost all breeding areas were descendents of Millennium numerously awarded and received top prizes in different auctions.



In the further pedigree of the Martinez are thru Lauries Crusador XX und De Niro (2015 again qualified as world best dressage sire) the successful big ones of the recent dressage horse breeding are being united. Out of this mother pedigree are more licensed stallions such as Lloyd Webber (PB Oldb) and Semino (LB Moritzburg) as well as other numerous in both parts of the sport up to class 5 successful horses came forth. Such as Callington v. Cool Man successful under Bastian Freese.


As part of the licensing he was already described by Dr. Werner Schade as a typestrong stallion with sire qualities, we offer this long legged Nobleman as another interessting blood alternative to you.





Martinez 2017


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